Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Found this cupcake recipe from the Internet. It looked a little interesting so I decided to try it on Monday. I didn't know where it went wrong but the cupcake shrunk a little after baking which left room around the sides of the cakes too. Since the recipe also calls for ganache topping - well...I guess not only did the ganache covered the top but also the sides of the cake. The only consolation is, the taste is quite nice -chocolate with a tinge of orange.


Anonymous said...
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MamaFaMi said...

Frusterating gak kan kalau kita buat experiment, then tak jadi perfect as we wanted kan... Tak apalah bro, nanti cuba lagi..

BR said...

Mmg betul tu mama. Anyway, mmg mesti nak cuba next time. As I've always share with others, percubaan pertama sometimes tk menjanjikan kejayaan. Practice makes perfect.