Thursday, March 05, 2009

AWARD ....

My sincere apologies to kakliza and waterlily for this late entry on the award given by them. I accept it with utmost humbleness.

Ingat lagi kakliza dgn saya yer!

" Bro Rozzan - kakliza begitu kagum kerana beliau seorang bapa yg tersangatlah rajin mencuba masakan yg mana kkaliza nampak kkdg tu kakliza pun takleh buat begitu.."

And to Waterlily - I feel honoured & happy that I've managed to spur you on, in this field of food blogging.

" Bro Rozzan - this is THE person yang menjadi catalyst untuk Wlily start cooking blog ni..he (his blog actually) gave me such inspiration to share and to learn about cooking and baking.."

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