Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday's breaking of fast was indeed a change! my youngest daughter Farah decided to cook for us! But of course with a little (just a little..) help from her mother. All these while I was busy with Izad who went thru diagnosing some problems I had with my PCs. Farah actually decided to cook Mee Kurnia, a recipe which was in one of the cookbooks we have. In fact, there was an entry in my blog on this Mee prepared by my missus back then. So, for the recipe, you may refer to this link

My verdict on Farah's Mee Kurnia? Well, the taste is almost there (sedap) although we could do with a little bit more salt. Here's the pic.


Anonymous said...

Wah bestlah bro, anak dara dah boleh diharap ke dapur. With a little bit more guidance from her chef parents, she'll excel as well. Nanti senang-senang, Farah masakkan untuk aunty la pulak... nak gak rasa air tangan Farah!

BR said...

Heheh...ekcelli, kalau nak seribu daya kalau taknak seribu daleh. Budak2 ni kekadang tu mesti kasi perangsang, baru ler diaorang ter-rangsang! nak buat sesuatu tu. Insya'allah, kalau 'aunty' nak mai Spore nanti kita suruh Farah masakkan yer!