Sunday, November 05, 2006

Anak-Anak BerHari Raya

Yesterday was my off-day but due to exigency of service, had to come back for OT. Came back home in the late afternoon after Asar. Sigh......... Till now, we really haven't had much time visiting relatives/friends as my youngest daughter Farah still had exams till last Thursday. I guess it's the same for most families here who have school-going children. Thought of going visitings but my wife said we need to stay home as the children's friends are coming!..... Well, came they did, and in large groups too but luckily not all at one go! otherwise I could imagine it could be chaotic with all my 3 children's friends..

Simple Works of Art( if ever you could call them Art)....... Simple they maybe but the effort went into them tells many stories......


Anonymous said...

Eee your wife suka buat cross stitch gak ke? Leh lah kita geng baik eh...tapi mama dah lama dah tak buat...teramatlah rindewww nya kat my cross stitch stuffs...I think, your family is a very very talented family la...envy betul..that flower arrangement pun cantik!Haa bab susun menyusun ni, mama out langsung...tak de talent! hehehe..

BR said...

My wife mmg suka buat cross-stitch bila ada masa lapang. It was her hobby even b4 we got married. That flower cross-stich was one of her earlier and the most difficult one she did. So many different colours. Actuallykan, dulu, ingat nak challenge dia buat, so she let me try a simple one with 2 pandas on a bamboo tree. Till now, the cloth and threads still in my store-room.. hehe I gave up- no patience! Pasal talent tu, thanks 4 d compliment. I guess everyone has his/her own special ability too. Same goes to you too!